About Us

Gold Machine

The Goldmachine brings to market a great business opportunity for visionary people interested in investing in gold mining market with great income and security, without these investors are knowledgeable of the market because it has a very stable, proven over the years.

The entrepreneur

Azeez Bolaji Nigerian origin, residing in London, 10 years operates in the mining market where over the years established itself in Sierra Leone in Africa was where everything started today his name stands out among the largest in the extraction of ores. with his years of experience in the gold mining and the large margin of profitability that the market you proposed to always look minussioso for details azzez always had the success curve saw that could extend much but its so investing vision and seeking new investors. it was when he decided to meet with all the partners members and directors of your company looking for ideas. its expertise on the subject resulted in a brilliant idea to take new deposits providing conditions for small and large investors.

The sale was made in the retail business of these shared profits with investors. the Expansion of the business but was clear in 2012 when azzez came up with the idea of ​​expanding the business to a market that is open expansãoe growth is Multilevel Marketing that would be the perfect junction between gold mining and and direct sales. It began to shape how could attract investors and invest this capital in mining around the world.